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Wanneroo Suburb Report

31 Jul 2017 Professionals Wanneroo 0 Comment

Wanneroo is a popular and well-established suburban community located a few kilometers from the coastline. The community saw significant development in the 1970s, with more gradual growth occurring in the 1990s up until today. Wanneroo is a laid-back and easygoing community with a robust civic culture. There are several parks, lakes and public gardens where any number of residents can be found on a sunny afternoon.


Time on Market
In 2017, the housing market has remained similar to recent years. On average, a house on the market in Wanneroo will sell somewhere between 61 and 90 days after being listed. Individual units — can stay on the market a little longer, with the average at 120 days or more.
There is a robust market of interested buyers who frequently inspect homes for sale in Wanneroo. On average, a property will receive about 222 visits before selling. This is higher than the average in Western Australia, which is 176 visits.


Sale Prices
Sales prices have also remained fairly stable in recent years. The median price of a home in Wanneroo in 2017 is approximately $425,000. While sales prices have decreased slightly over the past few years, they are still about 3.6 percent than they were in 2012, when the median price was $410,000.

Number of Properties This Year
As of July 11, 2017, 74 properties have been sold in Wanneroo. This number is in line with the other metrics being measured, including sale price and time on market.


Number of Properties Expected to Sell by End of Year
Based on history selling patterns, there will likely be about 140 houses sold in Wanneroo by the end of 2017. Typically, a higher proportion of homes are sold from September to early November. January and February tend to be popular times to purchase a home in Wanneroo as well.

Wanneroo is a quiet and friendly suburban neighborhood. The demographics of Wanneroo are more or less in line with what one would expect for a bedroom community.

According to census reports, about 21 percent of the homes in Wanneroo are occupied by older couples and families, while about 16 percent of homes are occupied by established couples and families. A final 11.5 percent are made up of maturing couples and families.

In addition to those demographic groups, about 23 percent of the homes in Wanneroo are occupied by individuals without a spouse or family.


Unique Features
There are a number of features that make Wanneroo a unique and popular place to live and raise a family. In addition to the many parks, gardens and public lake areas, Wanneroo is home to the Wanneroo Town Centre where residents have numerous events and activities throughout the year. The Wanneroo Central Shopping Centre is another popular destination, with both large and small shops available for patronage.
Finally, Wanneroo is well-known for the Wanneroo Agricultural Show. This show is held each year and is the largest regional agriculture show in Western Australia. The Wanneroo Agricultural Show is a perfect example of the friendly and welcoming community found in Wanneroo.
This is an excellent time to do further research into the Wanneroo real estate market. This established and stable community is an excellent place to raise a family in a safe and crime-free area.


If you’re looking to buy into the area or if you’re thinking about selling get in touch with a real local agent to understand the process. Call Amit at Professionals Wanneroo (9306 1111) and speak to the friendly team for advice or even a free, no obligation market appraisal and find out what you property is worth.
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